Destination wedding photographer

Destination Wedding Photography

Did you know I also do Destination Weddings? To some this may sound like an extravagant extra, but in reality, bringing your photographer with you can be the best decision you make!

All weddings are special, which is why most people hire a professional photographer. Its a personal choice, and many factors come into play. You need to like their style of photography, like how they approach their work, trust in their ability to do the job right, and most importantly…you need to like them as a person. I know many destinations offer photography as part of the “package” deal. However sometimes these photographer’s don’t produce the images you were hoping for.

This is the reason you should bring your photographer with you. When couples hire me, they pay for their photography package, plus my travel and accommodation. Im not fussy, happily travel Ryan Air or Easy Jet, and stay in hotels such as the Holiday Inn. If your wedding is on a Saturday, I would fly out on the Thursday/Friday, depending on flight times. On the Friday I would do my normal preparations, and visit your venue. I visit all venues that I haven’t covered before, and as such you wedding is treated just  the same. I then cover the wedding on the Saturday, as I would at home, and fly home on the Sunday. So additional costs usually equate to travel costs plus 2/3 nights accommodation.

On returning home, your weddings images are processed in the same manner as all my other weddings, and you receive the same personal touches that all my other couples get.

If this is something you would be interested in please get in touch. Likewise, if you know someone who is having a destination wedding, share this post with them…if anything its food for thought.

The image attached is Lake Como, I’m here shooting a wedding this weekend. Its an amazing venue and so easy to get to……I’m also hoping George Clooney is in town 🙂

Destination wedding photographer

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