Why you should get a Wedding Album

Why you should get a Wedding Album

Why I love Wedding Albums

When I was little, I used to love looking through photos and wedding albums. Our family home was coming down with them, holiday snaps, professional ones on the walls, and albums upon albums of memories. 

My granny and grandad (aka Nana and Gaga) were married in the 1930’s. They were an incredible couple, and oh so elegant.

Thats them right here. 

Why you should get a Wedding Album

When I look at this, I am delighted that digital was ‘not a thing’.  I’m so glad this photo is in print.

It’s an heirloom that will be passed to my children and I love that I’m going to be able to do this.

Growing up with images like this has taught me the value of print and the emotion that it brings. Indeed, if this image was on a USB or hard drive, its unlikely my children would be familiar with their great grandparents. They are and I love it!

Like prints, photo albums were a big thing in our house. I loved my mum and dads white leather wedding album, filled with the most amazing black and white prints. I adore flicking through the pages, (complete with tracing paper between each print)…its magical.

Why you should get a Wedding Album

Reasons to get a wedding album

Top 5 Reasons to get a Wedding Album

1.  Lets get physical

Anyone own a kindle? Yip, I know plenty of people who have one, or even have the app on their phone. But guess what…they still buy books!

Learning to read would have been pretty boring without books. That feeling of your 1st Harry Potter novel, or those Beano annuals that arrive at Christmas every year- that feeling never leaves you. Kindles may be here, but you don’t get the emotion that comes with the real thing. Everyone still loves a book!

It’s the same with images, everyone loves a print. Your wedding photos in a book is the best book you could ever create.  You can relive the wedding every day with a wedding album filled with your favourite images.

Having an online gallery may be handy, but its so much nicer to move away from the screen and savour your photos in a beautiful album. Your USB may be in a lovely box, but after a while, that box will be lying at the back of a drawer, along with your photos 🙁

2.  Showing it off 

I don’t know about you, but 4-5 people around a screen is my idea of a nightmare. I’d much rather sit at the kitchen table, cuppa in hand and browse a beautiful wedding album. The craic this brings is 90, with each person noticing and enjoying a different piece of your day. What more could you wish for!

Keeping it on the coffee table means that more fingers get to leaf their way through your big day. In time your children will enjoy it, and over the years, you can enjoy many conversations about how young you looked, or how you wished you still had that waist-line!

Its also a reason to invite people round…yes you can send them a link to the online gallery, but you won’t see their expressions as they look through your day. So invite your nearest and dearest round when your wedding album arrives and make an evening of it. Theres nothing like being amongst friends and reliving your best bits!

3.  One heck of a story

This story is your story of your day. It’s amazing so you really should show it off.

A beautiful storybook wedding album will showcase your day from beginning to end. From getting ready and the sneaky champagne, to your mum helping  you into your dress, and your dad when he sees you in it. Your husband at the top of the aisle and that 1st kiss. Portraits of yourselves looking amazing and the family photos that everyone hates getting taken, but love to get. Who laughed the most at the speech’s and who made the best dance floor moves.

I love a good story, so why not create a lifetime keepsake of yours.

4.  The heirloom

Like the picture of my nana and gaga above, your wedding album could be your 1st family heirloom.

Professionally designed and curated, expertly positioned and laid out, a wedding album is a piece of art. There is nothing I love more, than designing a wedding album. Seeing the expressions of happiness on my bride and grooms faces when they see it for the first time –  its one of the most rewarding elements of my job.

Sure, you could order one from the likes of this place, but they wont come close to a professional hand made album.

The albums I supply are made to last a lifetime…and more. Lovingly hand made in a professional lab, they are exceptional. The paper is archival, designed to show your photos in the best way possible. Indeed, the colours will look as good in 100 years time. Oozing luxury, you won’t see a nicer wedding album anywhere

5.  Pressies 

Gifts – smaller versions of your wedding album are the perfect pressies for family (ie your parents). There is nothing they love more than reliving your day, so why not gift them a wedding album all for themselves. It could be a pressie for helping out with the wedding, or for Christmas, or for just being them. 

When ordering your album, I give you the option of ordering duplicates at the same time, so go ahead, make your mum or dads day and give them a gift they can show off to their friends.

As a Belfast Wedding Photographer I am the best person to design and curate your wedding album.

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