Top 10 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

 So how does someone become one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland? I have asked myself this question many times.

For me, wedding photography is about photographing people in love, capturing intimate moments, sideway glances, and those smiles that only each other understand. It excites me that my couples love their wedding photos, that they share them around the world and that they have shed tears of joy and happiness when looking at them. To me thats what makes my job worthwhile!

If you want a photographer who can help you chill and relax, who loves a bit of craic and who will give you some banter then give me a shout.

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I’ve been shooting weddings for a long time picking up a few awards and qualifications along the way…check them out below 🙂

Wedding Awards

There are many wedding awards out there. In 2016 I was given the accolade of Best Wedding Photographer, Co Antrim – by the Northern Ireland Wedding Awards. Needless to say I was delighted. My work had been recognised as the best. What more could I have asked for?


Wedding qualifications are much more important than wedding awards, especially those  that are awarded by professional organisations. I am a member of 2 professional wedding associations.

  1. The Guild of Photographers
  2. Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

In the Guild of Wedding Photographers, I hold the accolade of ‘Qualified’ (QGWP) This assures my customers that my work has been assessed by some of the best wedding photographers in the UK. It also indicates that I am consistently creating work of a high standard, and that I am professionally competent. Indeed, they are happy to have me as an ambassador. This means more to me than any wedding award 🙂

Likewise, in the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, I hold the accolade of Licentiate (LSWPP). Again, having been formally assessed, this society feels my work is consistent and I am in full control of wedding photography. This again provides reassurance to my couples, that they are in good hands.

As a wedding photographer NI, I am proud of my achievements and see them as beneficial to all my wedding clients. Taking part in the assessment process has encouraged me to develop my own style of photography.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

Wedding Photographer NI

As a wedding photographer NI, my style is creative, relaxed and timeless.


I enjoy being creative eg: shooting through trees, standing in the middle of rivers (yup I’ve lost count of how many times my feet have got wet), lying on the sand or balancing on a wall. I will do almost anything to get a great shot. Basically, I’m always striving to get the most out of weddings, making your photos incredible and be the best photographer NI.


However, whilst I am doing all this, you may think I’m one crazy lady, but you will also feel incredibly relaxed. I will make you laugh, you will feel chilled, and this is what makes my style so great… you will be so busy relaxing in each others company, that you won’t notice all my crazy lady antics.

By the way, I may be relaxed, but I’m also a super organised list loving person. This means that as a Belfast wedding photographer I’m completely on the ball. When everyone else is chilling and having fun, I’m already two steps ahead. This really comes into play when taking family photos…but I will tell you about this when we meet.


Have you ever seen a wedding photo and cringed…not at the clothes…they will always date (and then eventually come back into fashion). I’m talking the style of the photo.

In the not too distant past there was a thing called colour popping. Basically your photo would be in black in white, with only the flowers showing in colour. Yuck!!!

I’m delighted to be able to say I have never done this! These days the trend is all dark and moody, with a brown or dark green tinge of practically every photo. I know when you have been searching for a wedding photographer you have found these images…but you wont find these on my site.

I’m into natural colours, the greens will be the green you saw on the day, the sky will be the same colour of blue. All your images will be natural and bright, and processed in a consistent manner. This keeps my style timeless and I love that my images are considered as such.

Ursula McCollam is a Creative, relaxed and Timeless Belfast Wedding Photographer.

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