I recently had the pleasure of photographing Marie and Joel’s amazing Tullylagan Wedding.

The day had a stormy start, with severe weather warnings in force. To be honest, I was slightly nervous regarding the forecast. However, as soon as the service started, the rain stopped and the wind disappeared… leaving perfect weather for wedding photographs (I find that rain makes everything crisper and greener, and the clouds prevent the squinting problems that bright sunshine brings).

The day was amazing from beginning to end; Marie’s look was timeless and elegant, Joel was a dapper groom. It was a traditional wedding, with the exception that they both walked up the isle together…..which was lovely. They also had a surprise in store for their guests when the act “Camouflage” performed (If you want something to make an impression at a wedding….these guys are a must!)

I loved every minute of this day and it was a pleasure to be part of it….Heres a little snapshot of what we got up to!

Tullylagan Wedding | Northern Ireland Wedding Photography

Special thanks to my second shooter Nathan who provided some of the images xx


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