Average wedding photography cost Northern Ireland

What are the average Wedding Photography prices in Northern Ireland?

The million dollar question, but on average, the price of a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland is £1300.

average price of a wedding photographer northern ireland
Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland

Choosing your photographer is HARD

BUT – your gut will take you to the right place.

Prioritise the memories – by choosing well.

Choose someone you get on with, someone authentic, and someone who will make you feel like a supermodel.

Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland

6 factors to consider.

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Wedding Photographer Cost

Do your research

Like everything else, Google is the starting point. Some of the first questions couples type into google include:

1. How much is a Wedding Photographer

2. Wedding Photography cost

3. Average price/cost for wedding photography


Online shopping for Wedding Photographers

Meet before you book

Online pricing and shopping is completely normal.

Wedding photography is just the same.

However, a ‘price point’ does not always represent the skill, experience or quality of the images and services that you will receive.

I’ve a whole post on things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer…its worth a read!

The best advice is always meet your chosen photographer before you book with them.

wedding album
wedding album


Wedding Photography Budget.

spend wisely

In Northern Ireland the average wedding photography budget is £1250 – £1600 (according to Hitched)

Hitched also suggest that on average, a photography budget is between 5-10% of a couples overall wedding budget. This is a huge chunk of your money.

For this reason you need to get it right. BUT its not all about cost!

Your wedding photos are yours to keep forever and you want them to be amazing.

I can help with. that!


Expensive Photographers.

Do your homework

Do you always get what you pay for?

There are a few ways to look at expensive photographers.

Masters of light

There are some fabulous and amazing photographers who are at a higher price point than others. They have years of experience, can deal with many lighting situation’s and consistently produce amazing photos.

Masters of Marketing

There are also photographers whose self confidence enables them to place themselves at a high price point, despite being a middle of the road photographer. They have incredible marketing skills…the sort of people who can sell snow to Eskimos. They may do an alright job on your photos, but won’t be in the same league of the masters of light.

Essentially, you do get what you pay for, but its not always clear cut. That photographer with a zillion followers may not be all they are cracked up to be!

Do your homework, as if you are paying a high end price, you want a master of light, and not a master in marketing.

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Begins at £995

I feel you will love my pricing. Theres a wedding package for everyone.

Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland
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Inexpensive Photographers

Be careful

Are they worth it?

At the other end of the pricing scale, there are also very inexpensive photographers.

the trailblazer

You usually get what you pay for, but some of these photographers are new to the business and hey, you might hit lucky with someone who is new and good, (but keeping their prices low whilst they establish themselves).

A quick google or look on their facebook/insta page will give you an idea in terms of consistency  and quality of the images they are delivering to clients.

here today gone tomorrow

At the same time, unfortunately in the age of digital cameras, its all to easy to move from iPhone to a basic ‘pro’ camera and set yourself up as a photographer on Facebook. Booking with one of these is a fast track to disaster!


Cost of Living.

Impact on wedding photography

Another factor is the current cost of living crisis. This has impacted on many peoples ‘cost of doing business’ – ie, how much it costs to run your business and to make a profit/make a living from your business.

What is important to note is that everyones ‘cost of doing business’ is different.

Whilst I have developed my skills, won awards and delivered fabulous images year on year to hundreds of couples,

I’ve also refined my processes, streamlined how I do things and reduced my outgoings to a minimum. My efficiency means I don’t have additional costs that others simply add to their customers price.

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Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland

My pricing.

I’ve 4 different wedding collections.

I know there will be one for you

Photography superpowers

My ability to make camera shy people relax and love having their photos taken.

Let me tell your story

Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland

“Our photographs turned out amazing! If you are looking for a friendly, relaxed but yet very professional photographer Ursula is the person.”

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Average wedding photography price in Northern Ireland