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BEST Wedding venues in Belfast

best wedding venues in belfast
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Ultimate list of the BEST wedding venues in Belfast

Need help finding the BEST wedding venue in Belfast?

You are in the right place

As a Belfast girl, I know a thing or two about this beautiful city. I’ve watched it grow, watched it flourish and I am super proud of what Belfast has become.

As a wedding photographer, I’m also pretty clued in when it comes to Wedding Venues in Belfast. I’ve been in them all at least once, growing up with many of them, and enjoying the new ones as they arrive.

We have so much on our doorstep, indeed you could say we are spoilt for choice. However this can make it hard to narrow down your options.

From 5 star hotels to historic university buildings, from quirky music halls to boutique hotels, intimate restaurants to boats on the river, heck, you can even get married in a Gaol!

Choosing the right venue can be a minefield, but this list will bring you one step closer to choosing your perfect wedding venue in Belfast.

Once you have narrowed your ideas down, it will always be essential to visit the wedding venue in person. This will give you a better sense of the space, give you a feel for the vibe and the chance to discuss all the options with the venues wedding coordinator.

“Choosing a Wedding Venue is HARD.”

wedding venue Belfast

Each venue will give you all the information you need, such as; how many guests they can cater for, accommodation options, food options and parking.

They will also tell you all the practical things that you never even considered.

Important things like: Have they the space for the wedding lamas at your wedding (I kid you not, they are incredible – I personally love them!).

BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Historic Wedding Venues in Belfast

Belfast city has a unique history and some of our wedding venues have literally seen it all. Some of them are hundreds of years old, others form part of our recent history.

Where else can you get married in a hotel that holds the record of the most bombed hotel in the world!

Getting married in one of these historic venues links you forever to their amazing history.
BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Quirky Wedding Venues in Belfast

Do you want a unique, quirky and fun wedding? Are you looking for something a little bit different? Belfast has lots of quirky and unique wedding venues. All of them offer amazing options, tailor made to your requirements.
Getting married in one of these historic venues links you forever to their amazing history.
BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Restaurant Wedding Venues in Belfast

We have some fabulous restaurants in Belfast. We also have some of the greatest produce in the world, which makes for amazing food experiences.

Lots of ‘foodies’ opt to have a restaurant as their wedding venue in Belfast

be sure to view all the venues on your shortlist

BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Hotel Wedding Venues in Belfast

Belfast has many hotels, catering for a wide range of budgets. The great thing about holding a hotel wedding is convenience. Many hotels offer complete wedding packages that include everything from the ceremony and reception, to catering and decorations, taking a lot of stress out of the planning process.

Having your wedding in a hotel also allows you and your guests to stay overnight in one location, making it easier to continue the celebration and reduce travel time for everyone.

BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Castle Wedding Venues in Belfast

We have numerous Castles in Northern Ireland, and they make for incredible Wedding Venues.

One of them belongs to Belfast

Celfast Castle stands proudly in the grounds of Cave Hill Country Park. This impressive castle, belongs to the city and is managed by Belfast City Council.

Whilst it doesn’t have any accommodation on site, there are many hotels close by.

It’s impeccably maintained and offers spectacular views across our beautiful city.

The jewel in the crown of North Belfast, it is an ideal wedding venue, and in a location that is amazing for photos. It’s just perfect.

Small Wedding Venues Belfast

Its OK to want a small or intimate wedding.

Covid made them a ‘thing’ as it was all you could have. But it was a turning point in the wedding industry. Lots of couples realised that they could have their wedding their way and that having a big family shindig was no longer considered a ‘requirement’. I absolutely love small weddings.

The list below features many I have already spoken about, as many of them have options of smaller rooms to hold a more intimate affair.

Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

Merchant Hotel

Stormont Hotel

The Doyen

SS Nomadic



Wedding Venues licensed for Civil Ceremony’s in Belfast

There are around 45 wedding venues licensed for Civil ceremony’s in Belfast. These include all of the venues on this post.



This list of wedding venues in Belfast should help narrow down your ideas. Make reservations to view the venues you like, this is really important.

As a wedding photographer I’ve been to many of them, so can give you an honest opinion – feel free to ask

Now, on the subject of wedding photographers. You spend a lot of time with them on your wedding day so you need to get along with them.

Like wedding venues, look around their websites first and then schedule time to meet up with a few of them.

The cheapest photographer or the one you found on Instagram/TikTok may not rock your boat when you eventually meet them.

Read my post here on choosing the perfect wedding photographer

BEST Wedding venues in Belfast
BEST Wedding venues in Belfast


Your wedding photos will be just as beautiful!

I’d love to chat about your wedding, just hit the button below, fill in my contact form, and I’ll be back in touch asap. In the mean time, please check out my pricing here.

Alternatively, drop me an email, or lift the phone. I love a good chat, so feel free to call.


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