Wedding Photography Prices

wedding photography prices

Investing in Wedding Photography

Photos – your ticket to reliving the magic of your wedding day!

Capturing moments , stories of love, fun filled dance floors, and everything in between. Your photos will last a lifetime.

By investing well, you are ensuring that you have great memories, to share with your family through the generations.


I can capture those memories for you…perfectly..


My focus is ensuring that you have a great experience. On your wedding day, you are my priority. All you need to do is relax, soak it all in and party.


You’ve heard of candid – let me introduce you to PLANDID (candid, only I planned it).

Its how I get timeless, relaxed and creative images with even the most camera shy couples!


Your wedding is your day, not a list of must have photos from a wedding website

Authentic wedding photos, your day, your way – thats my focus.


This is your day, with all your favourite people.

I will capture the moments that matter, in stealth mode, whilst you party like theres no tomorrow.

Camera shy

If you hate getting your photo taken, I’m your woman!

Stress free, no pressure to pose or feel awkward. My style is about relaxing, casual walks and having fun.

The Collections

Your wedding photos are everlasting. Precious treasured memories with the superpower of time travel. They take your right back. Over the years, their value increases, a timestamp of an amazing day with loved ones past and present.

I want your photos to be true to you. I want you to relive the day time and time again.

Collection 1




  • option to add 2nd photographer

Collection 2




  • COVERAGE getting ready TO MEAL
  • slideshow
  • 8 x 8 album (20 pages)
  • option to add 2nd photographer


Collection 3




  • coverage getting ready to 4th dance
  • fully edited & print ready high resolution files
  • slideshow
  • 8 x 8 album (20 pages)
  • option to add 2nd photographer

Collection 4




  • coverage getting ready to 4th dance
  • fully edited & print ready high resolution files
  • slideshow
  • 2 photographers
  • 12 x 12 album & Box (20 pages)
  • engagement shoot

The optional extras


Additional extras.

2nd Photographer

£300 – for couples who want every angle covered

Wedding Album

starting at £450 – beautiful hand crafted albums.

A book all about you!

Extra coverage

£150 per hour

Priority edit

£500 – your wedding photos delivered in 7 working days

Engagement shoot

£250 – find out that being in front of the camera is not as bad as you think – which helps on your wedding day.

Hot off the press

Why work with me?


My years of experience means you can focus on having the time of your life, knowing that you have hired an awesome photographer, who can expertly adapt to any eventuality.

I’ll capture the raw emotion, humour and unexpected moments, just like magic!


I’ll always go that extra mile to get that epic shot. I love being creative – it gets me into all sorts of ‘sticky’ situations – like that time I balanced on a rock, in the middle of a river, in an epic Game of Thrones location. Bang, got the shot and then fell over.

Camera and shot saved…my clothes were not so lucky!


Your photos will be natural, bright and processed in a consistent manner. They will be timeless in both style and colour. You will look back on them, and love how they tell the story of the day.

Modern photography, for modern couples, who want photos to stand the test of time (even if the clothes don’t)


This isn’t about my Instagram feed, I won’t be coordinating your day in military style. I will be letting it unfold naturally, grabbing the real moments, connections, the love and happiness shared.

Your portraits will be a dander with an old friend, Prosecco in your hand, camera in mine.

Your experience with me

My approach to Weddings

I go all out to ensure you have an incredible experience. Its really important to me that you have the best wedding day. Lets look at each stage of the process.


let me tell your story

with photography superpowers.

I want you to love your wedding photographs, for them to bring back the best memories of an amazing day. Being able to relive the happiness, the love and all the emotion of the day is really important to me. Thats where my photography superpowers come in.

I can help camera shy couples relax and enjoy having their photos taken. If you hate getting your photo taken – I’m your woman!

Time travel

Your photos will bring all the emotions flooding back

No awkward posing

Relaxing photos, capturing your day your way. Awkward is off the guest list.

Stealth mode

For those moments when no one is watching. Those extra special glances, moments, tears, smiles, and laughter – all captured perfectly.

Extra mile

Delivering a personalised, inclusive, above and beyond experience



Before the Wedding

lets get to know each other

When you know…you know!

From that 1st call, chatting over coffee, hearing all about your plans. These are the building blocks for your wedding photography.

My booking in process is electronic, just as easy as amazon. You are firmly in my diary on completion of the booking process.

Closer to the day, we meet again. I LOVE to be organised, so I get all the juicy details of what you’ve got planned – even the secrets you keep from the guests – you want me to capture the moment when the secret is outed – right?

This planning – or pre-meet as I like to call it, ensures that I know everything about your day. I don’t want to miss a thing. I want you to relax on your day and know that I’ve it all in hand.


The Wedding Day

Getting ready

The house will be buzzing with all sorts of people. Florists, make up, hair, and me!

Keeping it real – by this I mean, snacks on the table, cups of tea or Prosecco glasses visible in photos. If theres something you want me to avoid, just let me know.

Prosecco shots with bridesmaids, photos into your dress, your dads first look, all captured naturally, telling the story just as it happens.

I may turn the lights off, open the curtains and suggest a better placement for the make-up artist, but this is to ensure that the best available light is being used, which will make your photos awesome.

I’ll also carefully plan and take detail shots of your dress shoes and all your bits and prices. Got a nice tree – I’ll happily hang your dress on it for a beautiful shot.

getting ready


Your Wedding Ceremony

lets do this

I like to get there about 45 minutes before it all kicks off. This allows me to chat to the celebrant, capture your guests arriving and grab some detail shots. I’ll also locate your other half and get pictures of them.

This section of the day is full of emotion. Happy tears flow freely amongst the guests. Celebrants who are up for the craic also make for fantastic moments – top tip – watch out for family priests, they can deliver killer punchlines that raise the church roof.

Unplugged ceremonies also work well – the last thing you want is 100 mobile phones in the aisle, when its your moment of glory! You want me to capture you, not 100 mobile phones.

Confetti shots often happen when you come out of the church, they often happen naturally, but sometimes I give some direction. Its all about what way the wind is blowing (I’ve a whole post on how to get the best wedding photos – including tips on capturing the ultimate confetti shot)


The Venue

let the party commence

Its time to let your hair down and I’ll be there to capture all the shenanigans.

Relax for a while, soak up the atmosphere, chat to your guests. This is your time to shine, talk about your dress, show off the new wedding bands.

I’ll mingle, take lots of candids. Its a great time for capturing funny moments, reactions and deep hugs. I’ll be in stealth mode, grabbing those moments that people don’t even realise are happening.

If you’ve garden games, this is a fab time to get some classic shots of kids and adults having the craic.




Relaxing time out

Sometimes couples have the portrait session on the way to the venue, stopping off at the beach or at a place that has meaning for you. These don’t take that long. However if you have a venue with incredible grounds, then I recommend to stay on site.

I promise that you will relax and even say you enjoyed them. I get that most people declare a dislike of all cameras, but I’ll show you a few on the back of my camera and you will quickly see how incredible you look. Before you know it, you will be rocking that inner supermodel

This is also a time where you get to be alone – just the two of you. (ok and me with my camera). Its usually the only time of the day where you don’t have all your guests with you. I love it, as those intimate moments occur naturally, and I get to capture it perfectly.


Family Photos

the ones everyone dread

Most people have a love hate relationship with family photos – hate the time it takes, but love and want the photos!

I get it. You are having the time of your life, and suddenly theres a photographer suggesting that you stop the party for some photos.

I call them dreaded – most people do not look forward to this stage of the day. They can seem to go on for hours, but they are totally controllable.

This is the one set of photos I always plan out – indeed, I have the list ready, checked and triple checked in advance of your day. We agree who is in them, where we will take them, and the time to take them at. Then its boom, boom, boom, done – and you can all head back to the party.

large group shot


Large Group Shot

AKA hearding cats

Lots of people love a large group shot – one photo with all your guests. I personally really love them.

Some venues have the perfect location for them, with me taking the shot from a balcony or upstairs window.

As a heads up, they can take time – especially when key people are at the bar, checking in, or in the loo! But they can also take less than 10 minutes if we are super organised – and some venues have this down to a fine art.

If you want one, I’m happy to take it!


Wedding speeches

open mic

I adore wedding speeches. They are fun filled, emotionally fuelled, stories of love and laughter.

Wedding speech photos really bring the craic of the wedding day back. When I’m editing a wedding, I often find myself laughing out loud at a facial expression that tells a story in the best way.

Do the speeches your way, there is no rule book to this. Mixing it up a bit makes for fab photo opportunities, which I will be all over. The best part about photographing the speeches is that people are so busy relaxing and enjoying themselves, they don’t see me with my camera!

Real raw emotion!



Wedding Meal


Theres not too many people who want their photo taken, whilst eating.

I take this opportunity to refuel too. Many couples offer me a meal and a place at the table, which I am really grateful for – but I much prefer eating it in the lobby alone. This allows me time to recharge batteries, back up files and prepare myself for the evening ahead.


Evening Portraits

where the magic happens

I love taking 10 minutes for photos when the sun has set and the stars are in the sky.

You have fully chilled, are soaking up the fun of your wedding day and have embraced your position of being the most important couple in the room.

Just before the dancing starts, we can take some time outside, just us, no onlookers.

It’s at times like these where magic happens.



Dancing Photos

Air guitars at the ready

Want photos of all the movers and shakers? You got it!

I love a dance floor. Dancing queens, Travolta, and a bit of rock the boat (well maybe less of that).

I join in the party, get stuck in the middle of the floor, moving my hips like theres no tomorrow. You and your guests are so busy on the air guitar, you don’t see me shimming up close and bang, craziness captured.


Your Wedding Photos

one heck of a story

Within 48 hours of your wedding, a sneak peek will magically appear. A handful of photos to gush over until the full set arrives.

Your full gallery will arrive with a fanfare of trumpets, around 6 weeks after your big day. Gather round, pour a glass of vino, and view them together. Theres nothing beats looking over photos of THE BEST PARTY EVER!

We then work together on your wedding album, showcasing your day from beginning to end, highlighting all the juicy bits. A book all about you – whats not to LOVE.

wedding album

Frequently asked questions

My availability is on a first come first served basis. To check my availability, please give me a call or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Yes, absolutely! Our pre wedding consultation is the most important meeting we will have (excluding the day itself). At this I capture all the fine details, times, specific shots you want etc. It enables me to plan out your day and ensure I don’t miss anything that’s personal to you.

Aside from the pre wedding meeting, you can also touch base with me as often as you like – this happens all the time and is completely normal. I may even be able to direct you to some amazing suppliers if you are stuck for something wedding related.

I throw my heart and soul into each and every wedding. I want my wedding couples to have an amazing experience.

To do this, I limit the number of weddings that I take on to a maximum of 20.

This means you get the ever ready, fully charged, excited and focused Ursula on your wedding day.

Yes, I travel all over! Travel is included for weddings within Northern Ireland. There is a small charge for travel outside of Northern Ireland, which we will agree on at the time of booking.

For weddings in Europe, flights and accommodation will be added to your collection.

I’m based just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Most of my weddings are in Ireland, but I travel all over.

If I haven’t previously covered a wedding at your venue, then I will definitely visit it beforehand. I like to do this as it gives me an idea of the geography and layout of the venue, and enables me to better plan your day.

Luckily I’ve shot weddings at practically every venue in Northern Ireland, however there is not a year goes past without new venues popping up. Its great to get to these as new places means new options for creativity!

I also know some wedding magazines suggest that you should choose a photographer who has shot at your venue before – I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Its more important to get a good and experienced photographer who can handle the unexpected, than getting one who has been at your venue before.

This changes from wedding to wedding. The minimum number delivered in the last year was 400, and this was for a 5 hour wedding.

For me, its all about the quality, curating the story of your day, with each image making you smile.

Tullyglass hotel

I’m a firm believer in authenticity.

Across my website you will see my editing style. Your images will be edited in this style.

If you have a blemish, thats not usually there (eg a spot), I’ll be happy to edit that out for you.

I will also provide some more detailed edits for images that you have chosen for your wedding album. Eg, if a key member of your wedding party has spilt gravy on their dress, I’ll edit that out in the photo being used in your wedding album.

Additional editing, eg, removing the gravy from all images, outside of those in your wedding album, will incur an additional cost.

Thankfully, I have not been in the position where I have had to call on someone else to shoot a wedding for me.

However, please be reassured that I have a network of trusted colleagues who can step in at a moments notice.

Yes, I am fully insured, with specialist photographic business insurance.

I also have both public and employers liability insurance.

If your wedding venue needs a copy of. this, please just ask and I can provide it to them directly.

Living in Northern Ireland, this is a question that gets asked over and over again.

Your wedding day will be going ahead, rain or shine, so its a case of having plans in place, that you can adapt, depending on the weather.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, most venues usually have a plan B that they can swing into action at a moments notice.

Embracing the weather, and stocking up on coordinates such as wellies and umbrellas can be really helpful.

These fun props can make for fantastic wedding photos that you will LOVE!

Fantastic!! To book you can either fill in the form below or contact me via phone or email. Go ahead and lift the phone, I love a chat!


phone: 07870560481

Next Steps


Say Hello

You like my work? Don’t be shy, touch base and say hello. Let me know your wedding plans, potential date and any other information that is useful.
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a call.

Ursula McCollam Photography

Let’s Chat

Let’s meet, get to know each other and chat about your plans. I can answer any questions you have, and we can see if we are a good ‘fit’ for each other. For me, it’s important that we get on well, and that you feel comfortable with me.


Book Me

After our chat and if we are a good ‘fit’, I can send you a booking form. It’s all online and just as easy as shopping on amazon. Your date is secure…its that simple!
Then the fun begins as we start planning your wedding photography.


Call me

Your wedding photos will be just as beautiful!

I’d love to chat about your wedding, just hit the button below, fill in my contact form, and I’ll be back in touch asap.

Alternatively, drop me an email, or lift the phone. I love a good chat, so feel free to call.