Having an engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your couples before their big day. It gives them an opportunity to feel what its like to have their picture taken in public, and also to see what they like and what they don’t like! Additionally, its always good to do the shoot in a location that means something to the couple, making it more personal to them, but also where they feel comfortable.

For Sinead and Richard, we headed to Mossley Mill and the Newtownabbey Way. With them both from this area, it was the perfect location to have a leisurely stroll. The Newtownabbey Way has had a lot of upgrading recently, and it really is a beautiful place to go for a walk. It can take you the whole way from Mossley Mill, to Belfast Loughs shoreline (although we didn’t quite make it that far!) Along the way we chatted about all sorts of stuff….. I even heard about the “dens” that Richard used to make as a kid along the Newtownabbey way…they sounded fun, and I can imagine my own boys doing the same (but hopefully they won’t light any fires!)

Their wedding is next month, and Im really looking forward to it.In the mean time, heres a little look at what we got up to on their engagement shoot.

belfa Engagement shoot_0002 Engagement shoot Newtownabbey Engagement shoot Belfast love shoot love shoot belfast


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