Belfast Engagement Shoot

Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

Aileen & Greg

I first met Aileen and Greg at the Quirky wedding show. I had a ‘show’ offer, where every wedding booked received a complimentary engagement shoot. They chose a Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot and it was the best of craic.

We explored the quirky world of the streets around Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

It was EPIC!

Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

The Cathedral Quarter is a super place to have an engagement shoot.

Lots of cool and quirky places and backdrops make for amazing engagement photos

Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot
Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

Duke of York Belfast

The cobbled street outside of the Duke of York pub is THE most photographed street in Belfast.

Every Saturday, without fail, wedding photographers in Belfast line up with a steady flow of brides and grooms.

I’m not surprised, its a pretty cool spot

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is part of the Duke of York family of bars in the Commercial Court/Hill Street area of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast.

Its famous for its local artistic take on history and Belfast culture.

Access to the ‘courtyard gallery’ is via the Dark Horse bar. It goes without saying that having a little tipple whilst you are there is customary. Its also the courteous thing to do!

Its a great spot to go to at the end of your engagement shoot. We can order a drink, take the photos when the Guinness is settling and then relax and catch up with your wedding plans.

Its a real quirky backdrop for photographs

Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot
Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot
Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

Hill Street

The cobbles of Hill Street are legendary. Well worn, these cobbles could tell a few stories.

Aside from the street itself, there are a few spots along Hill Street for great photos

Mackles Ice Cream

The quirkiest, coolest, instagram worthy ice cream shop in Belfast.

Its the perfect backdrop for engagement photos in Belfast

The Orpheus

A little bit of dancing at the Orpheus is mandatory in your engagement photos

Off the beaten track

Theres a few ‘entry’s along Hill Street, each of them individual and quirky.

I love nipping down as there is some great street art along the way.

Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot
Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot
Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

The Merchant Hotel

At the end of Hill Street stands the majestic Merchant Hotel.

This converted bank building is the stuff of fairy-tails.

Aside from being an award winning wedding venue, its steps are an amazing backdrop to any photoshoot!

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Cathedral Quarter Engagement Shoot

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