Crawfordsburn engagement shoot

Crawfordsburn Engagement shoot | Beth and Patrick

The perfect Crawfordsburn Engagement Shoot

There is nothing I like more than a Crawfordsburn engagement shoot. Beth and Patricks did not disappoint!

Spring had sprung, the forest was looking beautiful and the pathways were alive with new growth.

A high spring tide had engulfed the beach earlier in the day, but with the tide on the way out, we were able to enjoy a lovely stroll along the beach.

It was a perfect evening for engagement photography at Crawfordsburn.

Where is Crawfordsburn County Park

Its on the North Down Coast and only 15 minutes from Belfast.

Best Engagement Photography Location

Crawfordsburn really is the best location for engagement photography.

The paths through the forest are enchanting. There is the added bonus of tree cover – this means, even in the rain, you will still be able to get great photos. However, don’t panic, if its raining and we are due to head out to your engagement shoot, I’ll always offer to reschedule. I would never force someone out into the rain!

Its a place I go to a lot with my family. Theres a scout camp in the grounds and my boys are fully fledges boy scouts and love every second they spend at Crawfordsburn.

My dog cries with excitement as soon as I drive through the gate. As I go under the viaduct, she knows its swim time. Its funny, as soon as she’s out of the car she literally sprints into the sea!

Engagement Pictures

Many people ask when is the best time to get your engagement pictures done. This varies depending on the couple.

Some choose to have the engagement session as soon as they get engaged. A reminder of the occasion. Some choose to have it in the run up to their wedding, and use the photos as their wedding website images or in a signing frame on the big day.

It’s very much your choice, and I’m flexible to work to a date and time that suits you.

A Crawfordsburn engagement shoot can take place at a time of your choosing!

Crawfordsburn Engagement Photos

I can assure you, you will love the photos that you receive from your Crawfordsburn engagement shoot.

Here are some from Beth and Patricks.

Crawfordsburn Engagement shoot | Beth and Patrick

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