The wedding of Chantelle & Niall at Millbrook Lodge was just fantastic! I had had a lovely time with them in Tolymore Forest for an engagement shoot, and based on this, I knew their wedding was going to be just great.

The morning was wet, that misty rain that can soak you in minutes. It continued like this until we were almost at the reception venue. However when the sun made its appearance, we made a last minute dash to Seaford’s beautiful Garden’s and Butterfly House. The brollies were close at hand, and we took shelter a few times, however, as Ive said before…I love the effect rain has on foliage…it just makes the colours pop!

We then headed to the Millbrook Lodge, where the party was in full swing. Everyone was in top form and enjoying themselves. After the meal, Chantelle & Niall came outside for some shots, and I captured the dramatic thundery sky….the evening sun shining through the heavy clouds was just fantastic!

To all my future brides, these shots were taken on a very wet summer day….so dont be afraid of rain on your wedding day!


Chantelle & Niall C&Nwedding_0002 Chantelle & Niall C&Nwedding_0004 Chantelle & Niall C&Nwedding_0006 C&Nwedding_0007 C&Nwedding_0008 C&Nwedding_0009 C&Nwedding_0010 C&Nwedding_0011 C&Nwedding_0012 C&Nwedding_0013 C&Nwedding_0014 C&Nwedding_0015 C&Nwedding_0016 C&Nwedding_0017 C&Nwedding_0019

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