Trash the dress

Trash the Dress Photography | Northern Ireland

Trash the dress

Trash your dress I hear you say…let me be first in the queue to be your photographer. Trashing your dress is for the fun filled bride. What else are you going to do with it. Sell it? Have it specially cleaned for life in the attic? Roll it up in a Tesco bag and throw it in a box the attic (I’ve a confession to make – I think this is where mine is) Anyway, I love a trash the dress shoot, so take me along for the ride, you wont regret it!

WOW…..that sums up this shoot in one small word……………..but what a shoot!!!!

Wedding Photographer

As a Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer, I’m used to brides watching their dress, and being careful not to spill anything on it! So this wedding shoot was a slight change from the norm….to say the least!.

Mary Frances, Ann and Orlagh are girls who are up for a laugh, and when you see what they did to their wedding dresses you will see what I mean. Ok, so they’ve been married a year or so, and they’ve had the day with all eyes on them, and yesterday they really let their personalities shine through in this shoot.

Trash the Dress Photography Northern Ireland

The location was Ann’s parents yard, they have horses and lots of machinery and barns….a photographers heaven!! Then throw in some colourful girls, with colourful personalities, and a whole lot of paint, and what you get is a photographers dream shoot.

Thanks for inviting me along girls and I hope you enjoy these photos!


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