Trash the Dress

Ohhhh, I had a Rock the Dress shoot last night and it was the most fun I have had with my camera in a long time.

Kate and Seamus have their 10 year anniversary this year, and to celebrate Kate decided she would slip into the dress again, and get some shots. Only these were to be fun and funky, not the traditional wedding shots. Being a Belfast girl, we took inspiration of another great Belfast lady…the Titanic.

So off we headed to the docks, and down into the Dry dock, where Titanic was built. This place is HUGE!!!! The space is just simply amazing, so historic, it’s absolutely breathtaking. The original keel blocks on which Titanic sat are still in place, and its amazing being so close. A vast industrial space….just the perfect place for a bride!!

Things then started to go a little pear shaped. A thunderstorm passed over Belfast that flooded underpasses, motorways, and people’s houses. the Belfast Telegraph reported people using surf boards to get around……

Standing on the floor of the Thompson Dry Dock we were completely open to the elements, and the Rock the Dress shoot quickly turned to a Trash the Dress shoot. Thompson Dock was certainly not dry!!! My lovely bride Kate was so much fun, she simply shrugged her shoulders, and seized the moment. Her fabulous blow dry was ruined,(not to mention the dress…eek!!!) but the rain brought a whole new feel to the shoot.

Heres a little sneeky peek of how things turned out…..sometimes the unexpected brings out the best !


(Special permission was sought and agreed with the lovely people of the Northern Ireland Science Park and the Titanic Pump House…and a special thanks to Claire from the Pump House who for health and safety reasons accompanied us on the shoot…..thank you :-))